1.食品安全 英语作文


3.食品安全 (英语作文)


食品安全 英语作文

       Food Safety in China With the growing awareness of healthy eating, more and more people now are paying more attention to the importance of healthy diet and an active life. But at the same time, a growing unrest over food safety in China has caught everyone’s concern. In my opinion ,everyone involved in it should set up a high responsibility for others, law related should be passed and carried out. Only in this way can we e by a healthy eating and a harmonious world. 食品安全水平 与日益意识到健康饮食,越来越多的人们现在已经更加注重健康饮食的重要性和积极的生活。但与此同时,越来越多的食品安全事件在中国引起了大家的关注。 在我看来,每个人都参与了应该建立一个高度的责任感对于其他人来说,要通过相关法律和执行。只有用这种方法我们才能得到一个健康的饮食和一个和谐的世界。 As we all known,food safety problems are more and more popular in our country,because more cases about food safety problem have appeared. Firstly,As the old saying goes,the food is what matters to the people.Food plays an important role in people's life.So food safety influences people's health and life.Secondly,some producers only think about earning money without thinking about ensuring food safty.they produce unqualified food.Thirdly,some food supervisory departpents don't perform their duty pletely.This behavior make some producer ignore the safety of production.If we want to solve problems that is illustrated former,we must call on the supervisory department to manage the food market.And the producers must paly their roles.Lastly,we hope that there is law that punish illegal acts. In recent years, China’s food industry occurs security issus frequently, which makes people worried and lose confidence. Food safety, related to the people’s health, safety and healthy development of economy, is the major issue of national stability and social development. Since the Sanlu Incident occurred in 2008, the entire society increasingly concerned about food safety issue. It was in this context that the food safety issue was referred to an unprecedented level. 近几年,中国食品工业经常发生安全问题,这使得人们很担忧并失去了信心。食品安全与人们的健康,安全以及经济的健康发展息息相关,是国家稳定和社会发展的主要问题。自2008年三鹿事件发生以来,全社会对食品安全问题的关注越来越高。正是在这种情况下,食品安全问题被提到了一个空前的水平。 There are the following main issues in food security: using poor quality raw materials in the food manufacturing process, adding toxic substances, excessive use of food additives, abusing of chemical additives and so on. There are many reasons to cause this problem, and regulators, producers and even consumers share responsibilities. The entire society should try effort to avoid food safety issues. 食品安全主要存在以下问题:在生产食品过程使用劣质的原材料,添加有毒物质,过量使用防腐剂,滥用化学添加剂等等。引起这一问题的原因有很多,监管者,生产者甚至是消费者都有责任。全社会应该尽力避免食品安全问题。 the problem of food security Nowadays,there is an increasing number of problem in the food security aspect,such as the swill-cooked dirty oil and the milk scandal. Because of last year's Sanlun scandal, food safety bee a hot topic and how can we prevent another milk scandal? In my opinion,it is the lack of credit that lead to the serious problem of food security. We should strengthen the propaganda and education so that we can enhance people's safety consciousness and change their moral idea. Besides,we should strengthen the legal system and the supervision of food security .Only in this way can we live a healthier and happier life. From this incident,we can see that there are still more things to be done. Firstly,the government needs everything possible to ensure the quality of products,particularly the safety of food as this concerns everyone's life. Secondly,as for the producers,it is very important for them to be morally honest. They should never try to pursue profit or economic growth at the expense of health and life of people. Thirdly,we consumers must attach importance to the things we eat and develop an awareness of how to protect our legal rights if cheated. Only in this way will we be able to build a more secure and harmonious society.



       As we all know, food is the top priority of the people.


       However, recently, we often see reports about food problems in newspapers, which shows that people always care about what they eat every day.


       The reason for this problem is that some food producers are so keen on making money that they use anything that makes food look or taste better, regardless of the adverse consequences.


       It's not normal because people can't live without eating anything.


       Therefore, we should take all necessary measures to prohibit food producers from producing unsafe food. The law should be strengthened and the government should have more control over these producers.


       Only when people no longer worry about whether their food is safe can they enjoy a better life.


食品安全 (英语作文)

       "Building a Food and Drug urban and rural areas test the safety and longevity," The purpose is to long life through the exploration of the area, out of a unique and innovative urban and rural food and drug safety of a new road. Urban and rural food and drug safety is the fundamental purpose of the urban and rural areas so that the food and drug safety situation is improving, residents and farmers enjoy the equalization of public services, food and drug safety.And set in the food and drug safety supervision work force, responsible for monitoring the implementation of the health industry development, technical support for the platform, information network, early warning system, physical security funds, assessment evaluation of rewards and punishments, and so on eight aspects of innovation and breakthroughs. Through the regulatory system, the responsibility system, system development, technical systems, information systems, emergency systems, security systems, systems appraisal system, such as the Group of Eight to form the integrated at all levels of government, the relevant departments effective supervision, standardize business owners and self-discipline and healthy development of the industry Stronger sense of the masses to strengthen comprehensive co-ordination of urban and rural areas of the food and drug safety supervision work of the new pattern.