The fifth day of may is the traditional Chinese festival of Dragon Boat Festival. The Dragon Boat Festival is also known as the fifth, May Day, the afternoon festival, the dragon festival, the poets day, the festival of the festival, the childrens day and the loran festival.

        The main customs of the Dragon Boat Festival are: eating zongzi, racing dragon boat RACES, daughters returning to the home, combat, hitting, swinging and eating salted eggs.

        The origin of the Dragon Boat Festival is to commemorate the great patriotic poet: qu yuan.

        When making zongzi, they can have different shapes such as triangles, circles, squares and rectangles. They are salty, sweet and peanut.

        Dragon boat racing is because the spacecraft can save the great patriotic poet qu yuan, the other is because afraid of dragon hurt the body of qu yuan, people can play it sailed gong, to kill the dragon. Every year on the fifth day of may, there is a dragon boat race.

        This is the traditional Chinese festival, Dragon Boat Festival. I love Dragon Boat Festival!


        Today is the Dragon Boat Festival, and our family get up at five o clock and go up to the dew in accordance with custom. All the way, I put my hands to the eyes with my glittering dewdrops, and I felt as if my eyes were brighter. The eyes were so bright as they sat in the classroom that they could read anything.

        After school, I spread my legs and ran home. As soon as I got to the door, I could smell zongzi, and as soon as I entered the door, I saw my father make a table for me to come home to eat. I had washed at the table, give mom and dad one solution for a zongzi, sprinkle with sugar, then give my own solution to a beautiful triangle zongzi, sprinkle with sugar to eat with relish. At the dinner table, we eat and talk, the room is filled with the happy atmosphere of the Dragon Boat Festival, the smell of zongzi and the aroma of incense.

        Meal, mother gave me the ears with realgar wine, for my lips touch the lipstick, gave me a wrist red cord, dressed I like dumplings incense, let I to the school to learn.

        I love eating zongzi, love the Dragon Boat Festival and enjoy the festive atmosphere.





        environmental problems are becoming more and more serious all over the world. with the development of industry and agriculture, cars make great noises and give off poisonous gas. trees on the hills have been cut down,and waste water is being poured continuously into rivers. furthermore,wherever we go today, we can find rubbish carelessly disposed. the whole ecological balance of the earth is changing. massive destruction of environment has brought about negative effects and even poses a great threat to man's existence.

        we must face the situation that exists and take actions to solve our environmental problems. for instance, new laws must be passed to place strict control over industrial pollution, the pub!ic must receive the education about the hazard of pollution and so on. we hope that all these measures will be effective and bring back a healthful environment.




        If you ask to me favorite season? I to say: my favorite season is fall. Because fall is cool and windy but isn't too hot and too cold. I like reader relaxed and happy feeling. The climate is cool and pleasant in autumn, not so hot in summer nor so cold in winter. Autumn is the harvest season, golden rice in the paddy fields are ripe. Under the rays of the Sun in a piece of gold, Maple fell on a piece of Red Maple leaves, dancing in the air like a beautiful butterfly. moreover fall will come, farmers can harvest theirs "fruits of lador" The most exciting still can eat many tasty fruits. Such as: oranges, mangos, bananas, apples, pears…… Autumn is a beautiful, happy! I like autumn。

        Listen to my introduce, do you know why I like fall?!



        我推荐: 写共享单车的英语作文


        In China, there is no doubt that English is very important, because it has been the indispensable subject for students to learn since they go to school.

        As our economy develops so fast and our country plays the more and more important role in the world, a lot of foreigners have started to learn mandarin. There is even a big TV show for foreigners to compete to be the one who speaks mandarin best. I have watched the show, I am so impressed that the foreigners can speak mandarin so well, for mandarin is such difficult to learn. My foreign teachers told me that so many people in their countries wanted to know more about China and they were interested in our culture.

        The popularity of mandarin shows that our country has become stronger. We should be proud of that.






高一的英语作文 篇1

        As a child, I am so luck. I dont need to worry about food. I always have enough delicious food, live in a big house, and have beautiful clothes to dress. I am so happy that I have no idea to treasure all these things. I am a kind of particular about food.

        I often eat a little for one dish and the throw it away, because I have many choices. I will be full after eating several dishes. But one day, I watch a piece of news on TV.

        It is about some Africa children who are suffering starvation. They are so poor. They are not only having no food to eat but also having little water to drink. A bowl of rice is very rare for them. Seeing their longing eyes, I feel guilty. I am regret about wasting food before. How can I waste so much rare food? From now on, I will try my best to save food, to do something for them.

高一的.英语作文 篇2

        Fuzhou, which is located in the East China Sea, known as the "blessed land." We Fuzhou spring, fruit fragrance, rich. Our specialty is in Fuzhou fish balls, his taste delicious, very delicious. I love my hometown.

        Fuzhou to talk about the changes, it can be called great too! From the river in Taiwan Ting Street talk about it! Pavilion Street, not previously in the overhaul, the road is very narrow, only had two cars, and the bumpy road, one when it rains, water everywhere on the road, and inaccessible. Now roads have been repaired, along the road and constructing a new building, into a new commercial street.

高一的英语作文 篇3

        The importance of English rests with the language being used in most countries in the world as a communicating tool. For example, a German and a Chinese can't speak opposite side's language, but they both know English. And then there is no problem between their language communication. We must know the importance and learn the language earnestly.

        The key to learn English well is to recite words. Words are the bricks of language building.Only keeping them in our mind, can we master them. To learn English well,we need to listen more English broadcast and contact with more foreingers so that we can practise our listening comprehansion. Only in this way, can we study for the purpose of application.




高一的英语作文300字 篇1

        Charlie Chaplin was born in 1889 in London. He came from a family of artists. His mother was an actress and his father was an actor. He started dancing and singing for money in 1894. In 1904, he went to America and he became a film director in 1914. He made many funny films from 1914 to 1966. He died in 1977. Many people were very sad at the news. People all over the world will remember him forever.

高一的英语作文300字 篇2

        Being polite is a good tradition in our country.Nobody likes a person who is impolite.It 's important for us to be polite.We should be a polite student.

        As a polite student,we shouldn't talk at class.If we have questions,we should put up our hands.We also shouldn’t speak loudly during the break.And I think it’s impolite to be late for class.When someone is in trouble ,we shouldn’t laugh at them.We should often say “please”,”thank you”.

        If everyone is polite to others,the world will be more and more beautiful.

高一的英语作文300字 篇3

        Many historical plays have been played on TV recently. Some people like watching historical TV plays to know about history. They think they are interesting and easy to understand. Both the old and the young have a lot of fun watching them.

        Some other people think another way to learn about history is to read books about history. They believe books can tell them the true story. They can learn and think a lot from them while reading.

        As far as I am concerned, I am inclined to be on the side of the former view. I like watching historical TV plays because they make me relaxed and save me much time.

高一的英语作文300字 篇4

        Guilin is in the north of Guangxi. The population in the city of Guilin is more than six hundred thousand. There are famous and beautiful sceneries in Guilin.

        If you come to Guilin, you will know how clear the water is and how green the hills are. Every year many tourists come to Guilin for a visit. You can take a boat to see the scenes of the Li River. You can also visit the scenic spots in the city on free buses.

        You will enjoy yourself if you go to Guilin.

高一的英语作文300字 篇5

        I have a lot of hobbies, most of them are sports, such as running, skating, playing basketball and so on. But my favorite sport is swimming. When I was 6, My father had me learn how to swim. And since then, I have been interested in swimming very much. Swimming is interesting and the most important is that it makes you strong. I was once in a swimming match and won the first prize. I hope that everyone can enjoy the fun swimming brings to you.

高一的英语作文300字 篇6

        My Summer holidays

        I love holidays,because during holidays ,I can do everything I like,and study something new.Now the summer holidays is coming,I'm going to do something meaningful.

        I like English,I spell words well,but I can not speak English very well.So I want to improve my English in the holiday.I will read English every moring,and then I think my English must be improved.

        I will also learn to swim.I think it is very helpful.

        There are too many things to do,I believe in myself can do them well!

        My summer holiday must be a good one

高一的英语作文300字 篇7

        I live in a new house now 。There are three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a study, a kitchen, a dining—room and a large sitting—room。 There’ a desk beside my bed。 On the bed, there are some toys。

        There’s a map of the world on the wall。 There’s telephone between the map and the bed 。There’s a garden near my house。 It’s a small one, but there are a lot of flowers and trees。 In it there are some swings and there’s a slide, too, sometimes I go and play there。

高一的英语作文300字 篇8

        我曾认识的一个人A Person I knew

        Loose,wavy brown hair hung down to her waist at the back——she had a fringe over her forehead that almost hid her pale eyes。The nose——not her best feature——was long but not ugly。She had a regular set of white teeth and was full—lipped。

        Her round face often looked rather sallow in complexion;she wasnt very tall or slim,and she walked with slightly—rounded shoulders。When I knew her,she must have been in her early thirties,about thirty—fifth even—and she even had one or two tell—tale wrinkles round the mouth。