October 1, 2004

       Mr. Shawn Gray


       Gray Travel Agency

       111 Main Street

       Warren, PA 42111

       Dear Mr. Gray,

       After successfully using your agency for many years, I recently experienced a terrible problem. I am writing to obtain compensation for a huge mistake for which I believe your firm is responsible.

       On September 1, 2000, I used Gray Travel to book my honeymoon trip to Hawaii. Your agent, Carla Drysdale, made all of the arrangements for us. She booked my husband and I on the American Airlines flight to Honolulu (Flight 444) on September 14, which was scheduled to arrive at 6 am on the morning of September 15. Our timely arrival was essential, as we were scheduled to participate in a tour group which began its journey on the afternoon of September 15.

       Upon our arrival at the San Francisco Airport, we discovered that our reservations had not been confirmed and the airline had overbooked the flight. Sadly, we were unable to get seats on the plane, which was the last American Airlines flight to Hawaii that day. We were reluctant to book seats on another airline, as we had already paid for this trip in full, using a Visa card (account #3374 7796 0039 0021). Our card was charged, yet we had no flight. Unfortunately, our credit limit was inadequate to book a different flight on another airline.

       The bottom-line: we missed our flight to Hawaii, along with our tour group's departure in Honolulu. Instead of lying on a tranquil beach, we spent our first married days in the Airport Hilton in San Franciso, trying to sort out this mess. We were unable to speak with Ms. Drysdale until Monday, September 16, which was two days after our scheduled departure. She was extremely apologetic, but could not explain what had caused the problem. She was unable to book us on an alternative flight to Hawaii on such short notice, but did offer to clear our credit card of all charges. She offered us no further explanations or compensation.

       My husband and I are both livid. We planned this trip for over a year and were excited about visiting Hawaii on our honeymoon. Ms. Drysdales's mistake cost us our once-in-a-lifetime chance to fulfill a significant personal dream. In fact, we not only msised the trip; we are still fighting to recover our deposits at the hotel in Honolulu!

       Because your agency caused the problems, we expect you to work with us to obtain a satisfactory resolution. Specfiically, we expect you to:

       1) Verify that our Visa card has been credited for the $4539 we paid for the aborted honeymoon trip

       2) Reimburse us for the $560 in deposits we are unable to recover from the Honolulu Sheraton Islander Hotel

       3) Reimburse us for the two nights we spent stranded at the San Francisco Airport Hilton ($347)

       4) Provide us with two first class round-trip tickets on a flight to Hawaii which will be good for the next calendar year (dates of travel to be our choice)

       Your agency can't give us back our wedding trip, but we expect you to provide a future trip comparable to the one we were denied because of your booking mistake. We also expect a full apology from Ms. Drysdale and assurance that she takes responsibility for her error.

       From our experience, this situation was a dramatic letdown from the superlative service that we usually receive from Gray Travel. In fact, we have always been loyal to your firm because of the exemplary treatment we have received from you and your attentive staff. We suggest that you coach Ms. Drysdale in proper booking procedures and in customer relations. Her behavior does not reflect positively on Gray Travel.

       Please call me before October 15 with confirmation that our requests will be honored. If I don't hear from you, I will report you to the appropriate regulatory agencies in California and Hawaii.


       Jane Myers

       111 Walnut Street

       Avondale, PA 43211




       About a month ago, I bought a pair of shoes in your shop, they are black. They cost 400 ,but I haven worn them not enough a month. They are broken. So I want to complain .I hope to receive your answer.


       ne possible version

       Dear sir

        I'm writing to complain about a pair of sneakers I recently purchased from your website. What I ordered

       was a pair of black size nine shoes but I received a pair of white, size-8.5 shoes instead. Worse still, there

       was a ten-day delay in dElivering my shoes, which should have been received on April 10. For the above

       reasons, I demand either a new pair of black size-nine shoes be posted to me immediately or I be given a full

       refund. Also, if I send back the wrong shoes, will your company pay for the postage?

       Thank you for your consideration.



       许多野生动物正面临绝种的危险,因为它们生活的环境发生了极大的变化。譬 如,随着城市的发展,杀虫剂的使用和严重的污染,野生动物的生活区域变得越来越狭小。许多野生动物目前正面临着食物方面的危机。同时,为了获取野生动物的毛、皮、角、牙齿和肉,人类正在屠杀野生动物。



       many wild animals are facing the danger of extinction, because the environment that they are living in has changed greatly. for example, with the developmet of cities, the using of insecticide and serious pollution, their living areas have become narrowcr and narrower. many of the wild animals, now are confronted with food crisis. at the same time, man is killing off species just for getting their fur, skin, horns, teeth and meat.

       in order to protect our resources of ecology, people should realize that the loss of any species is at least the loss of source of knowledge and a source of natural beauty. there fore, measures of the following should be taken: pollution standards are made to keepdown poisons; killing off certain rare species is prohibited; national parks should be set up as wild life, reserves.

       only if we human beings take some drastic measures can wild animals be preserved.


       Dear Sir or Madam,

       I am writing to let you know the deplorable attitude of one of your staff members.

       I received my telephone bill for the previous month and found there were some mistakes in calculation: I had been overcharged for 3 long-distance calls. However, when I called your Complaints Department, the girl who answered my phone was very rude. She interrupted me continually and even said it was my fault. Such a way of communicating with clients is unacceptable.

       I would like to suggest that you look into the matter as soon as possible and ask the girl to make a formal apology to me. An early response will be appreciated.

       Sincerely yours,


       Dear Manager,

        I bought a mobil phone of which the type is SQ200 in your shop before.But to my disappoinment,some functions couldn't work normally at all,such as taking photos,receiving or dipatching messages,etc.I want to claim for changing a new one,if not,I'll cancel the order.I hope you can deal with it as quickly as possible.

        Wang Hua