3.四川地震的英语作文 要70个词就够了。






       Haiti earthquake: history of natural disasters to hit the countryHaiti has been struck by a 7.0 magnitude earthquake, killing an unknown number of people. The small, impoverished country is prone to severe and deadly natural disasters, especially hurricanes. Severe deforestation, leading to flooding and landslides, and a lack of proper emergency services and infrastructure has resulted in the storms causing the deaths of thousands of Haitians。

       Witnesses said the damage was staggering. Tens of thousands of people are estimated to be homeless。The death toll was expected to climb into the hundreds, but no official figure has been released so far。Most radio and television stations stopped functioning, and the airwaves were only punctuated by a few rare radio appeals for help。The Haitian presidential palace stands in ruins。The tremor sparked widespread panic as it brought down buildings including the presidential palace, hotels, a hospital and the UN head quarters in the capital Port-au-Prince。

       Rescue teams were hampered when communications went down in the minutes after the earthquake struck at 2153 GMT, but efforts to free people trapped in the debris continued throughout the night


        每次听到发生大地震,作为一名中学生,你有什么样的感受呢?有没有献出自己的爱心呢?下面是我为您整理的三篇地震自救英语 初中 作文 。以供参考

        地震自救 英语作文 初中(一)

        There was a big earthquake on April 20th in Yaan . Many houses were broken into pieces and lots of people lost their lives. Some people survived but they lost everything they had. The situation was very serious. To save more people?s lives, the government sent many doctors to Sichuan and a lot of goods and materials were sent there as well. Many people contributed their money and clothes. Many students wrote letters to cheer up the Sichuan people . Our school also took part in these activities, all the students and teachers donated money. I gave my pocket money, too. I also wrote a letter to Sichuan people. I believe with our efforts, we can defeat the disaster.I hope that there will be a beautiful and colorful world in the future.


        April 20th is an ordinary day in 2013,it is in this day that shocking earthquake happened again in Sichuan province,China.The earthquake was terrible.We can't describle the scene what we saw with any words. Thousands of people were injured even died. And thousands of children became such unlucky ones who lost fathers or mothers, they longed to have families to continue their lives.I am sympathetic to their fate! But I believed that we can fight against the fate and change it.For example, there are many people keeping living without food or water for about 100 hours during the earthquake!

        What an unbelievable thing it is! Their great spirits showed the powerful life vitality of humans! However, they must keep fighting against the death. Many schools were destroyed and there were many students and teachers who left us forever. Sadness,hoplessness and different kinds of danger spreaded out here and there!

        But, fortunately, love is around us: the Communist party helps us, the army helps us, the people all over the world help us. They offer us with money, goods, love and so on !

        With the help of the such a large love ,we will over come the damage of the earthquake and face our beautiful future !


        On April 20th, a big earthquake happened in Ya?an, Sichuan. Many people lost their relatives and their homes. All the Chinese people feel quite sorrow.A lot of people volunteer to help them. Some people raise money for them, some people buy something for them, some people go there to comfort the sad children. Thousands of soldiers help them to save their relatives and rebuild their homes Even foreign friends also give them a hand.

        I?m deeply moved by these people. So I?ll use my pocket money to buy some food and school things for the children there. I think all of us should try our best to help them to get out of the trouble together.

四川地震的英语作文 要70个词就够了。


        A magnitude 8.0 earthquake happened in Wenchuan County of Sichuan Province at 14:28 on May 12th.And it caused damage to the whole China.The quake is the worst earthquake which happened in China since the founding of New China.People in China tried their best to help the victims.They donated money and somthing useful to the quake- hit area.I believe under leadership pf the Party, we Chinese can overe all difficulities and rebuild our home。(在5月12日的14点28分,8.0震级的地震发生在了四川省汶川县它给整个中国带来了灾难。这次地震是新中国成立以来最大的一次地震。中国人民尽最大的努力帮助灾民。他们给灾区捐了钱和一些有用的东西我相信在党中央的领导下,我们中国人一定会克服一切困难,重建我们的家园。)


        地动山摇 - 摧枯拉朽 - 山崩地裂 - 惨不忍睹 - 天灾人祸 - 瞠目结舌 -断壁残墙 -触目惊心-尸横片野

英语作文 场景描写 50字

        My school toilet is old and run down. The toilet seats are all broken and the water flushing system cannot work. As the toilet is also very dirty and *** elly, the students unrinate or shit anywhere and quickly run out. So our school toilet is always filled with shits.


        瞠目结舌 惨不忍睹 断壁残墙 触目惊心 催人泪下

        山崩地裂 地动山摇 天灾人祸 尸横片野 摧枯拉朽


        Our classroom is big and bright.It is a nice and clean classroom. There are three big windows and o doors. The big blackboard is on the front wall. There is a teacher's desk in the front of the classroom. On the teacher's desk, there are some beautiful flowers.

        There are also forty desks and chairs for the students. I like our classroom.




        感动有许多种,对一件事情 的感动,对一句话的感动,对一个微笑的感动……我就被今年的一件大事所感动。



        看到这里,我的泪水已经情不自禁的留了下来。多么感人的故事,多么无私无畏的战士们,他们在 *** 辣的太阳下,在大雨倾盆下,用自己的生命来保证人民群众的安全;多么感人的事迹,多么无私的举动,他们放弃休息,为受灾的人们抬起一块块沉重的水泥板,给灾区人民带来了生的希望;多么感人的行动,多么无私的奉献,他们体现了中华儿女坚强不屈,甘于奉献的精神,他们用爱拯救了受灾群众。





英语作文 描写一个场景

        An old man fell. He broke his right leg. A liitle went up to help him but he did not have the strength to help him to a bench nearby. The little boy asked for help. Nobody came to help him. People walked passed, took a look and walked away. Both the old man and little boy stayed at the aident area, looked helpless......It is a sad world


        The Great Wall of China is a Chinese fortification built from the 5th century BC until the beginning of the 17th century, in order to protect the various dynasties from raids by Hunnic, Mongol, Turkic, and other nomadic tribes ing from areas in modern-day Mongolia and Manchuria. Several walls, also referred to as the Great Wall of China, were built since the 5th century BC, the most famous being the one built beeen 220 BC and 200 BC by the first Emperor of China, Qin Shi Huang; this wall was located much further north than the current wall built during the Ming Dynasty, and little of it remains.

        The Great Wall of China was originally a project of Qin dynasty designed to keep out the nomadic Xiongnu invaders from the north. Some of the wall was built during the Qin, but most of it that we see today was constructed during the Ming dynasty.

        The Great Wall is the world's longest man-made structure, stretching over a formidable 6,352 km (3,948 miles), from Shanhai Pass on the Bohai Sea in the east, at the limit beeen "China proper" and Manchuria (Northeast China), to Lop Nur in the southeastern portion of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region . Along most of its arc, it roughly delineates the border beeen North China and Inner Mongolia.See List of largest buildings in the world

        Great Wall is all the Chinese pride!!!




       Dear victims,

       On the 12 of May in 2008, an shocking and unknown earthquake suddenly happened in Wenchuan, Sichuan province. Almost half of China was affected. It was a huge disaster to Chinese people.

       Until now, there are nearly 50 thousand people who died in this earthquake and more people injured. The earthquake destroyed nearly everything in Wenchan county .Many people lost their relatives and fell into the deep sorrow. And they also lost their homes and hometowns. What’s more, Many schools were destroyed and students are left us forever. Their parents who suffer from this big disaster can’t accept the fact until now.

       But ,fortunately ,love is around us :the Communist Party helps us ,the army helps us ,the people all over the world help us .They offer us with money ,goods ,love and so on !For example, li lianji, a warm-hearted man ,offered us with 20 million yuan !

       As students, we don’t have enough money to donate, but we should do all that we could do. What’s more important, we consider that we can help Sichuan people rebuilt and their home and live happily.

       With the help of the such a large love, we will over come the damage of the earthquake and face our beautiful future!

       Yours sincerely


       Dear all students,

       In order to support earthquake-stricken areas in Sichuan, Student Union intends to organize a Donation Program and expects donation from all of you.

       You can donate money or materials. If you would like to donate money, please put your money into the donation box at the entrance to Teaching Building One. Two volunteer students are available there to offer help if necessary. If you would like to donate clothes, quilts or others, please bring them to the classroom which is beside the playground.

       The Donation Program will be held between 11:00 and 14:00, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.

       All the donated money and materials will be collected in order and to Chinese Red Cross Foundation as soon as possible.

       On behalf of Student Union, we formally call on all students to make contribution and help people in earthquake areas rebuild their home and restore their normal life.

       Student Union


       It is generally that a large number of college students are involved in kinds of volunteering work such as Olympic volunteering services and volunteering aid to earthquake-stricken areas. Some specific jobs include language service, medical service or even some specialized service.

       Volunteering makes great contribution to today’s society. On one hand, in case of any big event such as hosting Olympic Games, human resource is surely in great demand. Whatever a volunteer can do is helpful for the event. On the other hand, volunteering can make people friendly to each other and only in this way can we build up a harmonious society.

       Students can also gain great benefit from volunteering work. Students can improve their communicate skills and teamwork spirit.

       What’s more, students can enlarge their horizon by meeting people from all walks of life ,and even all over the world.


       Beijing, China is to host the 29th Olympic Games in the coming August. It is the first time for China to host such a historical event and surely the pride of all Chinese people.

       Olympic Games can bring about various benefits to China. Firstly, hosting Olympic Games can boost the development of Chinese athletics sports since China is looking forward to win more gold medals than ever before. Secondly, Beijing has sped up its urban construction by adding more stadiums, extending subway, building new airports terminals. Last but not the least, the government calls for all citizens to be a polite host and this can improve national moral standard.

       I am sure Olympic Game in Beijing will be the greatest one in history and let’s keep fingers crossed and embrace the great date: August, 8, 2008.


       A day after parents staged an impromptu rally in Mianzhu on Saturday, the Communist Party’s top local official, Jiang Guohua, came to plead with the protesters to not carry out their plan to march to Chengdu, the provincial capital, where they sought to prevail on higher-level authorities. Mr. Jiang, on his knees, failed to deter the parents, who shouted in his face and continued their march.

       Scientists in China and the U.S. have published new reports examining the possibility that a giant dam may have helped to trigger last May's massive earthquake in China's Sichuan province, renewing controversy over the devastation and other dam-building projects across China's earthquake-prone western regions.

       Evidence remains unclear on what effect the added pressure of water collected behind one dam would have on an earthquake of that size. The Zipingpu Dam is 5.5 kilometers away from the epicenter of the Sichuan quake, a 7.9 magnitude temblor. It killed about 80,000 people.

       The dam was built 500 meters from the earthquake's fault line. A research paper by a group of Chinese scientists concluded that the weight of collected water clearly affected seismic activity. 'It is worthwhile to further study if the effect played a role' in triggering the quake, according to an abstract of the paper published in the December issue of the Chinese Journal of Geology and Seismology.

       Separately, Christian Klose, a researcher at Columbia University, put the extra weight of water in the area at about 320 million tons, without mentioning the dam by name. He said it 'amplified the strain on the earth's crust' in a way that would alter the stresses below.

       In China, debate could have an impact on plans to build even more dams. A group of 62 Chinese environmentalists and scientists has already appealed for a moratorium on dam construction in the region pending further study of the risks. The government -- and some Chinese scientists -- has said there is no connection between the dam and the quake.

       Scientists discovered 10 years after the Hoover Dam was built in 1935 that its reservoir was increasing seismic activity. Since then, it has been well established that other human endeavors can set off powerful tremors beneath the earth's surface. These include coal mining, quarrying, oil drilling, and the injection of wastewater into the ground. Along China's Three Gorges Dam, officials acknowledge that seismic activity has increased slightly since the 400-mile reservoir began filling eight years ago.

       Proving that such projects cause large earthquakes is another matter. 'What was the rate of seismic activity in the area before the dam was built, and did that rate increase after the dam began to fill with water?' says Ross Stein, a geophysicist at the United States Geological Survey and member of a team that published a 'stress analysis' of the Sichuan quake. 'In the absence of that,' he adds, 'it's a very hard case to make.'


       英文写作翻译频道为大家整理的雅安地震英语作文范文:地震灾害逃生演练,供大家参考:) 每一天都会有不同的事情发生,发生的事情中会有开心的,也会危害到我们生命的,雅安地震的事情牵动着我们每一个人的心,学校为预防地震,让学生懂得在地震中如何进行逃生,我们学校组织了群体性地震灾害逃生演练。

        Each day will have different things to happen, happen there will be happy, will be harmful to our life, Ya'an earthquake that affects each of our hearts, the school for the prevention of earthquake, let the students know how to survive in the earthquake, our school organized a group of earthquake disaster drills.


        At two thirty, the classroom broadcast rang, principals in the radio said: "if an earthquake happens, just keep quiet......" , the words just say that finish, the teacher called the students quickly hid under the table, we followed immediately bent over, hid herself in the table, just like only the frightened rabbit.


        After a while, only to hear the teacher asked to leave the classroom, students quickly from the table drill out, ran to the hall and immediately row tidy team, under the direction of the teacher, two two to the playground. In the running process, we fall over each other, as if in the earthquake, when I went to the two floor, suddenly found in front of students crowded into a mass, you push me, I push you, more and more people, more and more chaos, some students shouted: "you get out of my way!" , some said: "what makes you go first?" I clip, in which also desperately squeeze.


        Extrusion corridor, my legs up and rushed to the playground. At this time, the radio said: "today we are doing a good job training......."


        I think through the drill, if after the earthquake, I wouldn't have to worry.


        Wenchuan earthquake since the founding of People's Republic of China since the greatest impact of an earthquake, magnitude since August 15, 1950 Medog Tibet earthquake (8.5) and in 2001 Alexander Kunlun earthquake (8.1) the third largest after the earthquake, a direct and serious disaster-stricken areas of 100 thousand square kilometers 汶川地震












        <当地震来临时> 中文



























        When the Tangshan big earthquake healed, when east 98 year flood disaster great river goes time, works as in February the storm by the will of the people warming time. on May 12! is this on May 12, a earth bang, Wenchuan by card on destiny pharynx and larynx. macrosei *** , rainstorm, mud-rock flow, I saw path collapsing, the house ash flies the *** oke to extinguish. I see old person, the middle age, also has these the children who ringing studies, like this vanishes outside very close on the horizon. why does in the my eye contain the tears pletely? that is under the ruins, has the sound micro rest and stillResounding, “I also am living now, I am very happy.” that is above the cloud layer, the 4999 meters upper airs, the jumping paratrooper plements the earth most propitious clouds, has an old person, he takes constant care of the many affairs of sate. still day and night body near most frontal zone. in remnant wall and in frequent shake, he the healthy back, looks like a big stable wall, all disasters will keep them out.


        Since 12 May, 2008 I've been watching everything concerning Sichuan earthquake with deep sorrow. It's one of the terrible disasters and tragedies in history. The dreadful number of deaths has been growing every day. We are unlucky because such a great misfortune happened to us, but we are lucky because after the earthquake numerous support and assistance e from the whole country and throughout the whole world.

        This is a battle against disasters joined by the whole country. In the battle we can only see the brilliant side of human beings. Numerous names like Tan Qianqiu should be loved and remembered forever.

        Besides donation and close attention, I can do nothing but pray for the victims, those who are still suffering from the great pains, those who lost their beloved ones, those who are sparing no pains searching for and rescuing people buried under ruins.

        Closing my eyes, crossing my fingers, I pray for the victims...

        May every blessing from here be sent to Sichuan to soothe their pains.

        Let the death rest in peace

        Let the living live stronger







        我的爱人,让我给你细细擦去手上的污泥,就像你曾经温柔地擦去我脸上的泪水。我的爱人,你宽阔的臂膀给了我栖息的港湾,更给了大震中四个孩子生命的新岸。男子汉也会累吗,你怎么躺下就不再起来?让我跪下来,依然和你保持最近的距离,让我为你温暖冰凉的手指…… ——5月14日,张关蓉在擦拭丈夫谭千秋的遗体。在地震发生的一瞬间,德阳市东汽中学教师谭千秋双臂张开趴在课桌上,身下护着4个学生。4个学生都获救了,谭老师却不幸遇难。 5月13日夜,德阳东汽中学教导主任兼政治老师谭千秋的妻子张关蓉在为丈夫擦拭。在地震发生的那一刻,谭千秋张开双臂护住4个学生,为这4个孩子赢得幸存的机会。“我们发现他的时候,他双臂张开着趴在课桌上,身下地护着四个学生,四个学生都活了!”一位救援人员向记者描述著当时的场景。“你听到了吗?你护着的那四个娃儿都活下来了!都活下来了啊,你听到了没?”张关蓉泣不成声,不停地对去世的丈夫深情呼唤。 12 日下午,崇州市怀远中学教学楼因地震发生垮塌,在突如其来的灾害面前,该校700 多名师生绝大多数顺利脱险,但该校英语老师吴忠洪却永远离开了他爱着的学生们———他带领孩子们疏散时,听到有学生掉队,义无反顾地从三楼返回四楼,这时楼体突然垮塌,吴忠洪和几名孩子被吞噬…… 学校副校长李巨集成说,这栋四层教学楼有12 个班,下午1 时50 分开始上课,就在第一节课快要结束时,突然,地面开始摇晃。大楼摇晃了约1 分钟时,中间裂开一条长长的缝,楼体裂成两半。大部分孩子在老师的带领下,从两个楼梯撤离到地面。当时,吴忠洪老师正在四楼给初一(5)班上英语。该班的男学生小斌(化名)描述了当时的情景:教室突然晃动起来,他和同学都吓得尖叫,“同学们,不要慌,什么都不要带,跟着我往下跑!”吴老师挥着手,示意全班同学跟着他往外跑。当时楼梯口挤成一团,初一(5)班的绝大部分学生跟在吴老师后面。突然,后面的同学喊了一声:“教室里还有两名同学……”“吴老师显得很紧张,马上转回身,我们已经到三楼楼梯口了,结果他又往四楼上跑,我们跑到楼下,房子就垮了,吴老师不见了……”小斌哽咽著说。接到报警后,崇州市 *** 主要领导率领武警、公安、消防、卫生等部门赶到现场,展开搜寻工作。搜救进行了整整一夜,13 日早上6 时多,救援人员才从垮塌的残砖中找到吴忠洪,他已经永远停止了呼吸。据李校长说,经过清点,除了吴忠洪外,还有4 名学生不幸遇难。记者了解到,吴忠洪老师今年45 岁,已在教学战线上工作了28 年。 消防战士跪地落泪:求求你们让我再去救一个 5月12日3时10分左右,绵竹市消防大队陈军带领消防中队第一时间赶往武都小学实施救援。 武都小学的教学楼坍塌了大半部分,下面至少埋压了100多个师生。虽然没有特勤工具,但战士们很快徒手展开救援。19岁的荆利杰第一个奔向了废墟,开始了长达3天时间的救援。余震不断发生


        If earthquake happened,firstly,don't panic and calm down.Secondly,find some safe place to stay and don't run in such a hurry.If in the room,one should hide himself/herself under something hard,such as desk,talbe or even bed and keep away from shelf and cupboard,and never take a lift to go downstairs.If in the open air,find an open place and never get close to cars or waterside.Thirdly,because when earthquake happen,there are also lots of other troubles to take place,for example fire.So we should help each other when we meet trouble


        May 12 had remained a grant scar in Chinese people' heart.especially heavily broken Wenchuan people's ,who were lose their relatives .

        The brutal earthquakes had killed numerous lifes ,every persons inmersed in sadness .but except the grant sadness ,what is the most important ting must to consideration about the earthquake .

        The earthquake just like the God 's order , that we can't defence it .

        But except that we have more works to do .

        Firstly , we must to strengthen the knowledge about earthquake wildspread in nomally people .especially the people who are live in the areas where the earthquake are frequent.

        Secondly,the Country's Finaice Bureau muste investment more money to the relative areas .Such as constructing more firmly buildings .

        Last bu not the least , we must have courage and confidence to over e the earthquake which isn't so dreadful !